A Guide To Omaha DUI Attorney Rates

omaha dui lawyer ratesDrinking and driving has gotten very serious and many cities like Omaha really come down on those people who are driving under the influence. It has actually come so serious that you can easily lose your life, license and pay thousands in fees just fighting a DUI case.

DUI Lawyers who are in the business have been very successful because of some of the high fees involved in fighting these cases in court. Not to mention that driving under the influence can happen more than once to the same person so the fees have pretty much doubled when fighting it for the second time.

The thing to remember is that if you are aware of how the rates can change then it can be a way to reduce the fees that you will be paying if you feel the need to hire an Omaha DUI lawyer. Here’s a quick guide to DUI lawyers and how they fix their rates.

How Serious Are The DUI Charges Against You?

First, the DUI lawyer fee is always going to be based on the seriousness of the case meaning if there were any victims involved and how many witnesses will need to be brought forward in order to successfully fight the case. It is important to remember that cases depending on location will either be more serious or less.

However, it is almost plausible that if someone other than yourself is injured during the accident than you will probably be paying premium price for your attorney. Someone being injured is not the only thing that will determine the DUI lawyer rate, for example if there is any property damage then you are most probably need to have a strong case just to prove that it was a regular accident and not something which was caused because of you driving under the influence.

Is This Your First Offense?

Secondly, if you have been arrested before for DUI and this is the second time than you are facing much more harsher penalties in which case your lawyer will need to fight harder and do a lot more research to help your case. These trails usually last much longer and you are billed for all the work the lawyer is doing to fight your case.

Since you may be facing jail time and large fines, you are probably at this point willing to pay your lawyer large fees just to try to work around the long suspensions and large fees. However remember lawyers know the work involved and in most cases will have no feeling about charging you double or triple the fees that are required.

How Complex Is The Case?

Finally, many trials require more work and longer court time which means you are paying for extra time that your lawyer is doing work. This has always been a problem with trials as there is no way to really determine how long the trial will run for.

Sometimes there is new evidence and even witnesses that need to be called up so the proceedings can continue. Many lawyers do not tell you this but any extra time which is used within court will be billed to you so the price can easily fluctuate and you must be prepared to pay the extra fee as it is something which will be charged and billed.

How Much Will A DUI Cost Me?

Many people always ask what is the average fee you should be looking to spend so I will try to give you a few statistics on this. Due to the high demand right now for DUI lawyers and the increasing amount of people getting caught for driving under the influence you can look to pay anywhere from $5,000-$8,500 which obviously depends on the experience of the lawyer and the severity of the case.

As mentioned that the trial can end up going on for a couple of more days which means that you better get ready to spend a few hundred more dollars due to the extension. Overall, getting a DUI in Omaha is quite an expensive undertaking.

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