When Do I Need To Use a DUI Attorney?

Should I Call A DUI Lawyer?

dui lawThere are many scenarios where hiring a DUI attorney would make sense however you have to always explore your options before making a commitment.

DUI attorneys can get very expensive and depending on how long the trial plays out, you can end up paying more than the initial amount discussed.

In all cases, hiring an attorney really depends on the situation because if you can cut a reasonable plea without hiring an attorney that would be the ideal situation, however there are many reasons where hiring an attorney would be the smart choice.

Let’s look over some of the scenarios which would require that you obtain a DUI lawyer almost immediately.

You’ve Been In An Accident

First, if you have been in an accident then hiring an attorney would the best option available for you because if not dealt with in a precise manner, you can end up paying a lot more than the cost of your attorney.

For example, if you are drunk and there has been an accident, no matter who caused the accident you would be at fault. The government and the laws are very strict on drinking and driving and give many options to those that are injured by those who are intoxicated.

With a accident comes many insurance claims for car repairs, injuries and hitting someone while intoxicated means a charge of “vehicular assault” which if found guilty of the crime involves a jail sentence. This sentence comes with a harsh fine and even a permanent criminal record.

A DUI Attorney has been dealing with cases like these before and may have a lot more leverage than you in trying to work out a plea agreement.

Your Second Offense

If this is your second DUI offense than it is important to note that your options are much slimmer than you would have if this was your first offense so it would again be a good idea to make sure that you have an attorney available to plead your case and construct a defense.

Consultation And Expert Advice

There are several other reasons why you would use a DUI attorney with one being just for consultation purposes. A DUI lawyer will be able to over your case and talk to you about the strengths and weaknesses about your case.

The lawyer will be able to spot something within the disclosure that you missed and have a right to know which may help your case while providing good leverage when discussing a plea agreement.

The only disadvantage is that many lawyers do not provide free consultations accept those who are starting out and these lawyers are not to experienced. This does leave you in a crossroads in regards to getting an opinion from a lawyer.

Many people hire DUI attorneys because they are just unsure about their rights and need someone with experience. Many people who have money will hire a DUI attorney because they don’t want to deal with the headaches of going to court.

Before you actual trial date you will be in and out of court rooms about 4-5 times and then have to go to court for your final trial which can last 1-2 days. This is a lot of time missed from work and family so hiring an attorney will save you the hassles of going back and forth to court.

These days many lawyers give you the option of hiring with a payment plan so this makes it much more affordable for people. You may want to hire an Omaha attorney if they offer a payment plan which is something that can be spread out without interfering with other important bills.

Always explore your options when searching a lawyer and the best lawyer for you to hire is one which someone has previous experience with so they can provide you with a good referral while saving you money.

If you ever have any specific questions about hiring an Omaha Dui Attorney, we specialize in finding great DUI attorneys in that area.

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